The Diamond - Intempo Residential Sky Resort

The residents of the Intempo Residential Sky Resort have at their total disposal a wide and specifically selected range of community services. The services are located throughout the building and start at the restaurant and in the pools on the ground floor and continue to surprise you all the way to the rooftop.

Common Areas

The entire process of design and construction of the Intempo Residential Sky Resort has been created to engage high level of unmistakable demand and aspiration. Something that is felt from the moment you access the building.

The residents of the Intempo Residential Sky Resort have at their complete disposal 6,500 m2 of common areas, parking spaces and storage rooms.

On the ground floor you will find a restaurant, swimming pools, children's area and access to the residences. Each of the two towers are facilitated by three high-speed elevators, which transport you to all floors up to the rooftop.

The 46 th floor illustrates the quintessential lifestyle essence of Intempo Residential Sky Resort by providing enjoyment for its residential community including Jacuzzis, sky wellness, gyms, massage rooms and saunas, each heightened by the best views.

The exclusive services available to residents of the Intempo building, typical of a luxury resort, have the same cost as that of any other apartment building in the area (€ 170-220 per month).