Playa de Poniente, Spain

A City with Everything to Offer

Skyscrapers & Skylines

Playa de Poniente is part of an area known as the “New York of the Costa Blanca.” A very suitable name since it has 77 buildings with more than 25 floors of which 27 exceed 100 meters high. In Spain, only Barcelona and Madrid exceed it with more skyscrapers.

Environmentally Sensible

The concentration of residences, hotels and offices in tall buildings generates great benefits for the environment. These consume less territory and much less resources and energy than the horizontally sprawling construction model. Living and working within buildings allows for greater proximity and consequently the use of vehicles is reduced and the resulting effects of pollution lessened. You can walk almost anywhere.

Sun, Sea & Beaches

Playa de Poniente is a beach bathed by the waters of the Mediterranean and blessed by a mild climate all year round, with predominantly sunny weather. The sun can be enjoyed throughout almost six kilometers of beautiful beaches of fine golden sand with the most popular being Levante and Poniente. Both beaches are in the urban nucleus separated by the “balcony of the Mediterranean”, also known as Mirador del Castillo. From this privileged place, at whose feet lay the small Cala de Mal Pas and the Yacht Club, one can enjoy a magnificent view of the Island. To the north there are Cala del Tio Ximo and Cala Almadravam, which are two beautiful small coves of sand and rock, which together in conjunction with the Island create an ideal place for scuba diving.

Sports & Active Lifestyle

Due to its climate, Playa de Poniente is not only perfect for water sports but it is also a very popular destination amongst lovers of outdoor sports and activities. Thanks to the abundant mountain ranges, cyclists there have an unbeatable place for mountain biking and pursuits. It is also an ideal place for fans of hiking or jogging in the mountainous terrains. Golf lovers are also lucky since at their disposal are the Las Rejas Open Club courses and the Villaitana Wellness Golf & Business Resort, the latter of which attracts the more advanced players.

Leisure & Activities

In Playa de Poniente, the only ones who do not have fun are those who choose not to!
From the youngest to the oldest, everyone has at their disposal a wide range of leisure activities that makes the choice pleasantly difficult. There are water parks like Aqualandia or Aqua Natura, animal parks like Mundomar or Terra Natura and, of course, the well-known Terra Mítica theme park.


Playa de Poniente is like a large open-roof shopping center formed by more than 2,000 stores scattered throughout its neighborhoods. The fact that a good part of the city is pedestrian, allows you to go shopping while walking quietly through its streets and squares in search of either the most exclusive or authentic bargains.


You can enjoy the variety and richness of its local specialty cuisine, while there are also a large number of establishments which offer various dishes including traditional tapas. And naturally, as a cosmopolitan city that is, you can find kitchens from all over the world so there is something for everyone.


In Playa de Poniente there are 130 hotels - among them the emblematic Gran Hotel Bali and the exclusive Asia Gardens - with 28,000 rooms and more than 40,000 beds. Adding to this are the eleven campsites, more than 4,500 regularized apartments and an undetermined number of tourist homes. With these figures it is not surprising that a city of 70,000 inhabitants can accommodate 500,000 people, with an average occupation of 72%, reaching 100% in the months of July and August.


Playa de Poniente is an area that does not sleep with a warmth and energy that is constantly boiling! Its entertaining nightlife takes place within its avant-garde nightclubs and its 160 musical bars, which are safely concentrated on the Paseo de Levante and in the old town. The nightlife has other locations where it can be found such as the popularly known ‘English zone’, or the Benidorm Palace, where international shows of various kinds are held every day.

Playa de Poniente

Thanks to Playa de Poniente's privileged orientation, the sun caresses them throughout the winter until it sets, and until after eight o'clock, in the summer.

Formerly known as Escata beach, Poniente beach has just over three kilometers of fine sand stretching from the north at the Yacht Club and to the south at the Tossal de la Cala, where archaeological remains from different eras have been found. It has a complete range of leisure services and equipment rentals, such as floating platforms, beach libraries, children's games, recreational sports, shaded areas for reading; in addition to services for accessible beaches, which facilitate the enjoyment of the sea water to people with reduced mobility.

Poniente beach is a special urban beach fully integrated and part of an area far from the busiest part of the city. Between the beach and the urban area, the Paseo de Poniente, opened in 2009 and was designed by the award-winning architect Carlos Ferrater. This area is traveled daily by thousands of people who enjoy its tranquility, design, views and the many restaurants, bars and shops that border it.

The quieter character of Poniente beach and its residential area attracts a select following of people which are cosmopolitan in nature and detailed in their expectations. Most importantly, in direct proximity to this beach stands the unmissable and exclusive the Intempo Residential Sky Resort.