Live life. Live Intempo.
Welcome to Intempo Residential Sky Resort.

A unique property. A unique opportunity. A unique lifestyle.

A Unique Property

Intempo Residential Sky Resort is part of the Playa de Poniente’s recent urban Mediterranean renaissance and is emerging as an integral and unmistakable landmark of its landscape and growing skyline amongst the pristine blue flag beaches of the Play De Poniente.

Being an owner at Intempo Residential Sky Resort means more than having a key to your apartment with stunning views over Playa de Poniente; it means having the privilege to a wide array of lifestyle amenities and services, that will keep astonishing you as you reach the top floor of this majestic art-deco building.

Intempo Residential Sky Resort enhances your feeling of comfort with particular attention to privacy amongst the fellow residents and security towards the greater public.

A Unique Lifestyle

The Mediterranean life is a style all its own. Intempo Residential Sky Resort allows you to begin every morning enjoying stunning views of the sea while having your breakfast within the comforts of your uniquely designed private terrace balcony.

And if life couldn’t get any better, the rest of the day offers you many more choices. You can bask under the sun along one of the three swimming pools, pamper yourself to a treat in the Sky Spa, work out on the top floor gym or relax in the rooftop jacuzzi while enjoying the sunset and the panoramic views of the Mediterranean.

End your day ordering-in with the support of the buildings universal Wifi or call up the private concierge to book you a table at one of the many restaurants by the beach.

Inside Intempo Residential Sky Resort you create your own experience. Each day is unlike the other.

A Unique Opportunity

Intempo Residential Sky Resort’s iconic design, ideal location off the Mediterranean coast and its wide array of lifestyle services make it a unique opportunity to invest.

Strengthening this investment opportunity are the sound commercial considerations. Playa de Poniente’s real estate market has an upward forecasted valuation that is further supported by a lucrative tourist and rental market. Spain also has an investor friendly legal framework, which adds peace of mind to any buyer.

Intempo Residential Sky Resort is a great opportunity for anyone looking for a truly unique property and secure investment.